ES Teck Intended uses
In order to estimate the homeostasis process (internal environment and regulatory mechanisms) the ES Teck Complex provides estimation and historical tracking of the following intended uses:
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Alkaline Water Benefits

Drinking alkaline water is not only good for your body but it can be good for your cooking as well.

Alkaline mineral water converts your tap water into a purfied highly alkaline anti-oxidant mineral water which will Restore the pH balance in the body, provides superior hydration and nutrition at the cellular level and will detoxify cells more efficiently than standard drinking water.
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Ozonated Olive Oil

Applied as a gel with 100% pure olive oil, ozone is a very powerful remedy for

all manners to infections, cuts and wounds - at home, in the work place, at dental offices and veterinarian clinics. The chemical reactions of ozone when bubbled into any oil are very complex. The oil and ozone react to form ozonoid compounds that have anti-microbial properties, while at the same time retaining the properties of stimulating tissue regeneration and repair. The result is a highly oxygenated gel that is beneficial for many external problematic conditions.
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The ES Teck 3D Body Scanner is the first non-invasive medical screening technology offering the practitioner 5 in-house diagnostic modules with the results available immediately.   read more

Alkaline Water Ionizers converts your tap water to a highly alkaline anti-oxidant mineral rich drinking water offering tremendous health benefits.   read more


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